Designing electric systems is really an important process for your production method. Using the specialist electric design is one of the way to improve electric efficiency. The best design come with the stable electric systems.

Hence, EMEC uses specialist electric engineers as an electric designer team for the best of electric systems. You can have confidence on our designing team, and you will get the best electric systems design.



EMEC is an specialist in Electric systems installation. EMEC’s staffs can help and check-up all of electric equipments before they are reached to the site which can reduce the mistakes. Customers can be assured that all of electric systems is under high-experienced engineers. Moreover, the project will be finished on schedule as our promise.


Customers are very welcome for all of electric systems problems. EMEC can be your electrical engineer consultant and we are willing to help you with very nice service-mind staffs.


We can help you as one stop service for your electric systems including:

  • Electric Systems in Dam Power Plant
  • Small-medium size biomass power plant
  • Solar cell systems or other natural resources electric systems

We can do it all! With our engineer who are more than twenty years-experienced in this field.


When you have an electric problem that nobody could fix, please do no hesitate to contact an EMEC. We have an electric engineering team to systematically solve your problem, although, we have not installed your existing electric systems. We are here to help you all time.


If you are looking for some temporary electric systems equipment, such as, temporary generator for your construction site or testing generator. EMEC can provide you with following;

  • Load-bank Controller 100 - 7000 KW
  • Generator Set
  • Distribution Boards

Before delivery our temporary electric systems equipments, we will test all of our equipments for security and quality concern. Therefore, you can have a confident which you will be get the best electric systems equipment from EMEC.

The best Electric Syetems Provider ever