EMEC Co.,Ltd.

EMEC is the Leading in Electric Systems Provider in Thailand which has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 from BVC (BUREAU VERITAS Certification, Thailand).

EMEC was established on June 24, 1993 with registered capital of THB1,000,000 as a switchboard manufacturer. The first factory is located in the Commercial Building in Bangkok Noi Area, in Bangkok Thailand before we move to Factoryland I village, which located on Buddhamondhol 5 Rd., Nakornpathom Province, in order to prepare for higher production. In 2007, after the company can recover from Economic Crisis, we increased the capital to THB50,000,000, which the company again move the factory to the current factory on area 1,200 square wah. Currently, the maximum production capacity 1,000 – 2,000 cubicles / year. All switchboard systems, designs, production, installation, sales and quality can be assured that they are controlled by the expert engineers. Therefore, the consumers can be confident that switchboards are high in quality and standard which meet all customers’ requirement of all applications.


With our high experienced staffs, I am confident that EMEC will be able to satisfied everyone not only for Customers but also Thais society and World Community

Mr. Suradet Buasup / CEO & Founder.

Mr. Suradet BuasupCEO & Founder.

EMEC’s VISION is we, EMEC, keep continuous systematic learning and develop to meet highly our client satisfaction, to support our country development and to help our society in term of their quality of life.

We started our small company by hiring two boxes of a commercial building and keep growing until we can have our own factory. We have passed through many crisis along the way but they are all making us sustainably growing and developing.

Although we are not the biggest company for electric systems but we are sure that we are able to help all the customers for what they are requiring especially on the urgent case. If you are refused from some other company, we are ready to get those jobs and put all of our effort to satisfy you as the customers.

All my people are trained to get the best performance of their duties to satisfy the customers. However, that is not the only thing we are focusing on. We always want to be the best part of the society, community and be the role model for our next generation.

To reach that, we have to begin again now! We start from best designing process that are concerned on power consumption, less impact on the environment. Our material and equipment is under high-standard, which we check and make sure the customer will have the best product and our people who follow the task would not be harmed in the future. This make we are confident that we will be able to drive Thai society and World community for the better world.

12 Stepsof EMEC Operation

For the best product and service from EMEC, we have set 12 procedure of working for everyone in EMEC to following.

  • After receiving PO from customers, EMEC will launch Job No. and note in Log Book and Electronic Files.
  • Deadline on Draft Sheet will be decided by Sale Department.
  • Electric Design will be sent back for approval from Sale Department.
  • Production Department start manufacturing
  • Start Panel Purchases Process.
  • Finish Panel Procurement process.
  • Start Equipment, Devices Purchases Process.
  • Finish All Procurement process.
  • Finish all production process.
  • Testing and Quality Control.
  • Handle the Project.
  • Return all leftover to storage.

According to high working standard of EMEC, we have certified from ISO 9001 : 2008, and we still also develop the better products and services for every customers.

We can doEvery Electric Systems

EMEC is one stop service for all your electric systems solution. EMEC can help you do electric turnkey systems in many businesses for example:

  • Big Industries
  • Power Plant
  • Dam

EMEC can also serve you in any electric systems problem. We aim to be main Thai “Electric Systems Provider” we systematically learn and develop in order to serve the better world.

100% Quality Certifiedwith EMEC Engineers

EMEC is confident that we have good engineers who are in the top range on electric field. We are carefully recruit staffs. We train them to be able to handle any kind of electric systems problem, in order to support all customers’ requirements.

About EMEC What’s people talk

I am very lucky to have a chance working with EMEC. Their team can be trusted and they have very high responsibilities, they are all be on time. EMEC’s most important strong point is that their aftersales services either small or big project, they are willing to support us.

Veerachai KwangThongManager of Fuji Furukawa E&C (Thailand), Navanakron Brance

I am confident and I trust EMEC to produce me a high-standard control panel. They are trustworthy and they are working on plan which can satisfy me and my customers.

Kiti JitkasameMayekawa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
The best Electric Syetems Provider ever